Becoming Better.

Sometimes you look at something and make a decision. For me that decision was to become better.

I took a step back and took a good look at myself. Not only what I looked like but things that were unhealthy in my life.

I found that I was surrounded with unhealthy relationships. The worst one, someone who made me think that there was SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME when THEY were the ones in the wrong.

In theĀ end, it comes down to YOU.

Yes YOU. To quote Toby Keith “I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about i, wanna talk about number 1 oh my me my, What i think, what i like, what i know, what i want, what i see.” Get the Picture? The problem, isn’t the people that you have around you, the problem is you, for allowing them to get to you.

I started trying to “become sexier” for the person that me doubt myself, and in the end, i allowed work to make the excuse and to keep from continuing that journey. And the entire time? I was paying gym membership. Work wasn’t the excuse. The excuse was that I was to tired to work out. I had allowed myself to get so stressed out that it took a few months for me to realize that I actually felt better after and MISSED the pain of a work out. And even then it took me another few months to stop hating myself and to start becoming determined.

Looking good for someone else will never help you. You have to look good for you. The pleasure of rubbing it in that jackasses face however? Well darling, that’s icing on the cake! ( oooh plot bunny!)

I’m not going to post Pictures yet, i don’t have any of myself. I will post soon.

Tomorrow, is a gift to myself. I will go to the Gym BEFORE work, and then work out while there (about 10pm usually) and can i just say, people might have laughed, but Richard Simmons? that man had the right idea and I a 28 year old over weight single girl, love working out to his tapes. they’re a blast. Next blog with pictures will come tomorrow. Until then.

Don’t stop when you think you look fine. Stop when you’re proud of yourself and there’s no farther you can go.

That is my saying to end this.